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Name:Jacob Black | Twilight Saga
Location:La Push, Washington, United States of America
Imprinting on someone is like...
Like when you see her...Everything changes.
All of a sudden, its not gravity holding you to the planet.
It's her... Nothing else matters.
You would do anything for her.


Jacob has a small role in this book. He is one of Bella Swan's oldest friends that she has known from visiting with her father, Charlie Swan, in the summer. When Bella flirts with him to get information on Edward Cullen and his family, he introduces her to the idea that Edward is a vampire by telling her Quileute legends. According to Stephenie Meyer via her official website, Jacob was originally just a device through which Bella learns about vampires. However, both Meyer and her editor liked Jacob so very much that they decided to give him a much larger role in the later books New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, the sequels to Twilight.
New Moon

In the beginning of the novel, Edward and his family suddenly leave Forks, and Bella, after his brother Jasper nearly kills her when she receives a papercut at the Cullens' surprise birthday party for her. After months of depression over Edward's leave, Bella purchases a pair of old motorcycles and, knowing that Jacob is a skilled mechanic, pays him a visit to discuss repairing the motorcycles. She quickly finds that Jacob's cheerful, sunny disposition helps her heal over Edward and makes her feel happier and whole. Jacob, who has long had a crush on Bella, is delighted in their new friendship and the two of them begin to spend all their time together.

Jacob is one of an ancient line of werewolves, a member of the Quileute tribe that has forever been the mortal enemy of vampires, even the relatively innocent Cullen family. At first Jacob believes it is all legend, and is frightened and disturbed by the influence a young man on the reservation, Sam Uley, has on some of the Quileute youth. But when Jacob himself makes the change in response to a new vampire threat, he learns that Sam went through his own werewolf hardships and that the Quileute legends about werewolves and vampires are indeed true. As young werewolves are short-tempered, highly violent, and likely to explode into wolf form when provoked to anger, Jacob, prompted by his new pack, agrees that he should stay away from Bella. He becomes busy patrolling the forest with his pack, searching for the vampires in the area who are killing local hikers, but later states that he had secretly kept watch on Bella and made sure she was safe by running around her house at night. When Bella is caught by the vampire Laurent alone in a clearing, she is saved by Jacob and the pack, who manage to run Laurent off and kill him.

Jacob also develops a hatred for the Cullens and vampires in general, blaming them for his transformation and for that of the rest of the pack; when discussing the Cullens and other vampires, he often uses derogatory nicknames for them such as "bloodsuckers," "leeches," and "parasites."

When Bella impulsively jumps off a cliff and almost drowns, Jacob pulls her out and saves her. It is later revealed that Alice, Edward's sister, had a vision of Bella jumping; because she cannot "see" werewolves, she was unable to "see" Jacob rescue Bella and mistakenly assumed that Bella had committed suicide by jumping off the cliff. Alice informs her and Edward's sister, Rosalie, of her vision and Rosalie goes on to tell Edward of Bella's supposed suicide.

During an intense conversation between Jacob and Bella in which Jacob almost kisses Bella, Bella's phone rings. When Jacob answers the phone, he tells who he believes to be Carlisle, Edward's father, that Bella's father Charlie is "at the funeral," referring to that of Harry Clearwater, who had recently died of a heart attack. It is soon revealed that it was really Edward pretending to be Carlisle, causing Edward to believe Bella died; he thus goes to Italy to ask the Volturi to kill him. Alice, who rushes to Forks after her vision, and Bella go to stop Edward directly after the fateful phone call, leaving Jacob hurt and angry. Jacob is disgusted by Edward's return and by Bella's willingness to go back to him after what he had done to her; he is also outraged and upset when he learns of Bella's plan to become a vampire.

Presumably, after the Cullens and Bella return to Forks, Jacob has become their enemy because of the treaty, making Bella his enemy as well because of her refusal to leave the vampires. He reminds Edward of their treaty, which states that the Cullens are not allowed to bite a human. This means that if one of the Cullens turns Bella into a vampire, the treaty is broken, and the werewolves will start a war. At the end of the meeting, Bella and Jacob are about to hug when Edward, who does not approve of Bella's friendship with Jacob, intervenes and pulls her back. Jacob begins to shake and his body starts to phase as he gets more upset. Bella's last look at Jacob, before he explodes into wolf form, is of his face crumpling in emotional pain, and she vows that she will see him smile again.

In the beginning of the third novel, Bella states that Jacob is trying to distance himself from her by not returning her phone calls and refusing to see her. She desperately tries to get a hold of him, but he ignores her attempts. The book starts with Bella reading a note from Jacob, including many sentences that he had started but crossed out, and the last says:

Yeah, I miss you, too. A lot.
Doesn't change anything. Sorry.

Jacob is enraged by the fact that Bella will become a vampire after graduation, which is only a few weeks away. Eventually Charlie un-grounds Bella, on the condition that she associates with her friends outside Edward and the other Cullens, especially Jacob. Jacob arrives at Bella and Edward's school to discuss the vampire Victoria's return, and he tells Bella that he misses her and that he believes they can still be friends, much to Edward's annoyance. When Edward goes on a hunting trip later on, Jacob hurries to Bella's school and urges her to hop onto his motorcycle and come back to La Push with him, evading Alice's intervention.

After a while, with Edward's approval, Bella begins to visit Jacob on a regular basis. Jacob invites Bella to come with him to a Quileute bonfire, and she accepts. Jacob and Bella spend the night with the pack and their families and listen to a telling of tribal legends about vampires and werewolves. On one of the later visits, Jacob tells Bella that he loves her and that he wants her to choose him over Edward. He forcefully kisses her, much to her displeasure. She reacts by punching him in the jaw. Jacob is unharmed but the impact of the punch breaks Bella's hand, and she is furious with him. Jacob brings Bella home and is told by Edward that if he ever brings Bella back injured again, he will be running on three legs (referring to his wolf form). Jacob is unmoved and amused by the threat- and indeed, by Bella's anger at him- and tauntingly asks Edward what the latter would do if Bella asked Jacob to kiss her, to which Edward replies that he would have no objection if it was what Bella wanted.

A while later Jacob attends a graduation party for Bella, which is held at the Cullens' house, and gives her a charm bracelet with a carving of a werewolf on it as a graduation present. While he's there, he learns that Victoria has amassed a newborn vampire army to attack Bella and the Cullens. He suggests that the Cullens and the werewolves work together to defeat Victoria's army, and agrees when Jasper and Alice offer to teach him and the rest of the pack how to fight the newborns. They decide to use Bella's scent to set a trap on the mountain for the newborns to follow, which will lead them to face the Cullens and the wolves.

Before the battle begins, Edward, Bella, and Jacob set up camp on the mountain. Bella suffers from the numbing cold on the mountain, and so Jacob, with the intention of taunting Edward, slips into Bella's sleeping bag with her in order to keep her warm. While she sleeps, Edward and Jacob have a conversation and Jacob openly confesses his feelings for Bella. Jacob states that he believes he can make Bella happy and asks that Edward give him a year to do so; he also expresses his disgust that Edward intends to ruin Bella's life by turning her into a vampire, and says that Bella would be better off with him than with Edward. Edward admits that Jacob can give Bella some things that he, Edward, can't. The two of them come to an uncomfortable half-truce.

In the morning, Bella and Edward then start discussing their marriage plans, and Jacob overhears their conversation, resulting in him howling in pain and anger and running away from the campsite. Upon Bella's request, Edward brings Jacob back and leaves them alone to talk. After some talk, Jacob threatens to get himself killed in battle because Bella doesn't love him, but he says he won't do it if Bella asks him to kiss her (it is later revealed that he only threatened to kill himself so that he could kiss her). Furious, Bella does so but remains unresponsive and motionless while he kisses her; Jacob angrily reminds her of his threat and urges her to go with her feelings. When she finally begins kissing him back, Bella realizes that she is in love with Jacob too. Jacob promises her that he will come back then leaves to join the battle, and gets injured while trying to save a fellow werewolf, Leah. Carlisle patches him up and a worried Bella visits him. Bella tells him that she loves him, but that she cannot live without Edward. Jacob reminds her that he will always be there for her whenever she needs him, and if she ever changes her mind he'll choose her over anyone.

The epilogue is written from Jacob's point of view. At home he finds that he has received an invitation to Edward and Bella's wedding. With it is a note from Edward, which states that Jacob did not have to come to the wedding, but if their positions had been reversed he, Edward, would have wanted the choice. Edward also thanks Jacob for everything he's done for Bella, especially for being her friend after he left. The note only makes Jacob angrier and he transforms into his wolf form and runs away, attempting to "leave Jacob Black behind." He decides that he is no longer upset that Bella chose Edward over him, but wonders how things will be between them once Bella becomes a vampire.
Breaking Dawn

In the beginning of Breaking Dawn, Bella notes that Jacob has been gone for weeks and has remained in his wolf form during this time; she learns from Seth Clearwater that Jacob does not have any intention of coming home. However, Jacob soon appears at Bella and Edward's wedding as a surprise for Bella; though still visibly pained by her decisions, he tells Bella that he just wants her to be happy. He is outraged when Bella inadvertently informs him that she and Edward plan to have sex before she becomes a vampire; he almost attacks Edward on the grounds that the latter cares more about "getting some" than about Bella's safety. When Bella and Edward return from their honeymoon, Jacob is informed by the pack that Bella is very ill and he goes to visit her at the Cullens' home. There he finds that Bella is pregnant with her and Edward's half-vampire, half-human child and has become desperately weak, thin, and sick as a result of the child's large intake of her blood and nutrients. Because Bella won't allow anyone to harm or abort the baby, Jacob becomes angry and disgusted that Bella is allowing the "monster" inside of her to mutilate and kill her.

When he returns to Sam and the rest of the pack, he informs them of Bella's pregnancy. Due to his prejudice, Jacob had initially urged Sam to attack the Cullens for breaking the treaty by biting Bella (which the Cullens had not done yet); Sam had declined and stated that Bella had made her own choices and that those choices would not break the treaty or threaten the Quileutes or other humans in the area. When he tells Sam of Bella's pregnancy, however, Jacob is furious when he learns that Sam plans attack the Cullens and kill Bella and the baby because he believes the child will present a threat. Jacob, who has come to respect Carlisle and knows that the Cullens are innocent, argues that it is wrong to attack the Cullens unprovoked. Sam refuses to listen and orders Jacob and the rest of the pack to attack; because he cannot bear for the pack to kill Bella, Jacob disobeys Sam's command and splits from him and the others, accomplishing this feat due to his Alpha wolf status by lineage. He starts his own pack of which he is Alpha, and Leah and Seth Clearwater decide to join him. He warns the Cullens of Sam's plans and regularly visits to check up on Bella, who cannot bear to be away from him and insists that he stays around her.

When Renesmee, Bella and Edward's daughter, is about to be born, Jacob assists Edward in trying to save Bella's life. When it appears Bella has died from the severe bodily damage the birth has caused her, Jacob develops a severe hatred for the child for killing Bella and fully intends to destroy it, not caring that the Cullens would likely retaliate by killing him. Before he can act, however, he looks at Renesmee and imprints on her.

It is revealed that Bella's desire for Jacob's presence throughout the pregnancy was a result of the strong bond that would- and had, already- form between Renesmee and Jacob; Renesmee was apparently aware of Jacob even before her birth. Due to his imprinting, Jacob becomes extremely protective of Renesmee, whom he nicknames Nessie because her real name is too much of a mouthful. As she grows, the two of them become very close, and Jacob acts as an older-brother figure to her; for Christmas, he braids her a bracelet that is the Quileute version of a promise ring.

It becomes apparent to the Cullens, who were initially irritated by Jacob's imprinting, that Jacob truly loves Renesmee and has a strong desire to protect her and to keep her happy. As a result, Jacob becomes a part of the family and the enmity between him, Edward, and the other Cullens is dispelled; he and Edward come to view each other as brothers instead of rivals. Jacob and Rosalie develop a mutal dislike to each other during Bella's pregnancy and Jacob often taunts her with dumb blonde jokes; their dislike turns into competition when Renesmee is born and they constantly bicker over which of them gets to tend to her needs; it soon appears, however, that the two of them, Jacob especially, enjoy mocking and being mocked by each other.

After Bella completes her transformation into a vampire, she is angry and disgruntled to find that Jacob has imprinted on her daughter, but eventually comes to accept it. Because of his imprinting, Jacob no longer has romantic feelings for Bella; the both of them admit that they can now always remain best friends, and that it is much better that way. It is also noted that Jacob, after Bella's transformation, does not come to view Bella as only a vampire or "bloodsucker" and that their relationship is much the same as it was when she was human.

Jacob is protective of Renesmee to the point where he is anxious when Bella completes her transformation and begins to interact with Renesmee; worried that Bella might accidently harm the child, at first he tries to prevent Bella from being around Renesmee but eventually acquiesces when it is apparent that Bella has strong control over her thirst. He and Renesmee are very attached to each other and it is hard for them to be separated, so he visits her every day and spends much of his time with the Cullens. He states, though, that once Renesmee's growing slows down, he will go back to school. Sam's pack stops trying to attack the Cullens, since there is a Quileute law that states that a wolf cannot kill the object of another wolf's imprinting, due to the severe emotional damage it would cause the wolf in question. Due to this, Jacob eventually reconciles with Sam and the other wolves but is still Alpha of his own pack.

Near the conclusion of the novel, Bella plans for Jacob to run away with Renesmee if the Volturi decide to attack the Cullens. She has passports and IDs forged for the two of them so that if need be, Jacob could make an easy escape with Renesmee and possibly pose as her stepfather due to his physical maturity. Knowing that Jacob feels strongly of Renesmee and that he would protect her at any cost, she entrusts Renesmee's safety to him instead of any other member of the Cullen family. As it turns out, the Volturi choose not to attack and Bella's plan does not have to be executed.

It is also revealed that Renesmee would mature in just six and a half years and would remain as immortal and unaging as any other vampire for the rest of her life. Edward and Bella are impressed when they learn that Jacob has not yet considered the fact that he could pursue a romantic relationship with Renesmee after the six years, that he does not yet view Renesmee in that light, is not anxious for her to grow up, and truly wants her to be happy.
Physical appearance

Jacob has dark russet skin, black hair and dark eyes. In Twilight, he is described as a lanky fifteen-year-old with a long black ponytail who is barely taller than Bella; however, by the end of Twilight and the beginning of New Moon, he has grown over six feet tall. By Eclipse, Jacob has grown to be 6'7", with a toned and muscular build. He also, physically, is around the age of twenty-five or twenty-seven. In New Moon, after discovering that he is a werewolf and joining the Quileute pack, he crops his long hair short. He later grows it out to chin length in Eclipse because he thinks Bella prefers it that way. He is said to be quite handsome, often being described by Bella as beautiful. He tends to wear only cut-off style jeans and shorts, since clothes are often ruined during transformation. As a wolf, Jacob's fur is a russet color. In Breaking Dawn he cuts his hair short again and it seems that he has grown even taller.
"Shape-Shifter"/Wolf Abilities

* High temperature - Werewolves have an extremely high body temperature (about 109 degrees Fahrenheit), allowing them to withstand severe cold.
* Regeneration - Body heals at an abnormal rate, faster than any human body can.
* Telepathy - Only works within pack, when in wolf form. They can speak with each other telepathically and hear each other's thoughts. Though this is more than useful while hunting and tracking, there is no privacy left in the pack because of this ability. It can be described as both a gift and a burden. They cannot hear the thoughts of wolves in other packs. Alpha males can still hear each others' thoughts, but only what they want the other to hear.
* Physically enhanced - Has "super-strength" in both wolf and human form. In wolf form, they are also exceptionally fast. Before phasing, the human form will build up their muscles naturally and will be ready for the first time they phase.
* Delayed aging - They do not start aging until a solid period of time without phasing has passed. The exact length of time is unknown.
* Phasing - Can morph in and out of "werewolf" form. With practice and skill, one can morph faster and with more efficiency. Less experienced, young werewolves will frequently phase when losing their tempers. There is still a risk when a werewolf ages and becomes more and more experienced in controlling their powers, but happens much less frequently. Jacob is said to be the best at controlling his phasing, especially for one so new to it.
* Imprinting - Werewolves can "imprint" on a certain person once they begin phasing. Jacob describes imprinting to be stronger than love at first sight. This is, according to the legends, very rare, but this is questioned when Sam, Jared, Quil and Paul have all imprinted by Breaking Dawn. Jacob ends up imprinting on Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee.

It is also noted that it is Jacob's birthright to lead the wolf pack, and that he is Alpha wolf by lineage but has no desire for the status, thus passing it to Sam Uley.
Jacob is from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. Muse and mun are over 18.
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